Peer-to-Peer Love for Your Podcast Downloads.

Getting started

What do I need to publish?

A Podcast Feed (RSS/ATOM)
which tells us what's new, and what to torrentify.
A Web Server
that your users download from. Bitlove downloads from there too.
A Homepage
to point to, to serve your user picture from, to provide more information for users.

How do I sign up?

You enter your desired username and your email address, in case we need to talk to you individually.

Your account activation mail arrives. Set your new password. Done. Welcome to Bitlove!

You now have a user profile page. When you are logged in, you can click the edit button to complete your information. Click the Add button to add a new feed.

We want your consent on content distribution. Only when you are happy with the way your feeds are represented, you click Edit and set your feed public. Now the feed's torrents are listed on your public user profile and in the directory pages.

Questions? Don't hesitate. Contact today!